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Back to School Advice – Nick Guy

Going back to school? We each pick an app that could have helped us massively back in the day

By Nick Guy

As another school year approaches, many students are preparing to head back to the classrooms. While technology has changed significantly since our time, there is no doubt that certain apps could have been incredibly useful during our school days. We took a trip down memory lane and each picked an app that we believe would have made a massive difference in our academic lives.

Nick Guy Picks: The Ultimate Note-Taking App

In my day, note-taking often involved frantic scribbling, trying to capture every word the teacher said. If I had a time machine, I would go back to my student self armed with the ultimate note-taking app – one that organizes and syncs all notes seamlessly.

An app like this would allow students to effortlessly jot down important information, add annotations, draw diagrams, and even record audio during class lectures. It would also offer robust search functionality to quickly find specific information within the notes. Such an application would undoubtedly revolutionize the way students absorb and revise their course materials.

Susan K Picks: The Perfect Study Planner

When I think about my school days, one thing that stands out is the need for a reliable study planner. Organizing coursework, setting deadlines, and planning revision sessions were often chaotic tasks. If I had access to an app that streamlined this process, life would have been much easier.

An ideal study planner app would have features like automatic course schedule integration, task tracking, and reminders. It would allow students to allocate specific study times based on their personal preferences and automatically adjust the study plan as new tasks or assignments arise. This app could have transformed my academic journey, helping me stay on top of my coursework and minimize last-minute stress.

Why We Care:

  • For modern Apple users, going back to school just got a little easier with these fantastic apps.
  • These apps can greatly enhance productivity, organization, and overall academic performance.
  • Using the best note-taking and study planning apps ensures students make the most of their educational experience.
  • With these apps in hand, students can focus on learning and achieving their goals.
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