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Apple Vision Pro review: I used it on a flight and it was chaotic

Apple Vision Pro review: I used it on a flight and it was chaotic

Ali Wong on the Apple Vision Pro:

“The Apple Vision Pro is out-friggin’-standing, but what the hell am I going to use it for?”

Tech journalists and early access reviewers praised eye tracking, hand tracking, and the slick visionOS interface, but struggled with its practicality in daily life. I thought it could be a hit for travel, like AirPods, and put that to the test on a flight to Costa Rica.

The price of the Apple Vision Pro includes features like 256GB storage, micro-OLED displays, and 12 cameras. You can upgrade storage but at a higher cost. Shipping is free, a small consolation.

Traveling with it, I found the cinematic experience impressive, allowing me to watch shows and movies offline with ease. While portable, I found it somewhat awkward and uncomfortable to wear, similar to the feeling of becoming a “glasshole.”

Battery life lasted over 3 hours, performance was smooth but hand tracking subtleties were picked up well. However, some features fell short, like streaming quality, sharing content, and wearing it comfortably.

Despite its advancements and high price, the Apple Vision Pro needs refinement in comfort, convenience, and user experience to justify the investment, especially with alternative options available. So, is it worth it? Maybe not just yet.

Check out my full experience with the Apple Vision Pro and see if it’s the right fit for you on Mashable.”

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