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The Vision Pro Could Soon Support The Apple Pencil

The Vision Pro Could Soon Support The Apple Pencil

Hey there, friends! So, guess what? Rumor has it that Apple might be working on making the Apple Pencil compatible with the Apple Vision Pro. Can you believe it?

According to some sneaky sources over at MacRumors, Apple is apparently testing a new version of the Apple Pencil for the Vision Pro behind closed doors.

Picture this: you could potentially draw and write on a flat surface with your Apple Pencil, and then magically see all your creations pop up in apps like Pixelmator and Apple’s Freeform. How cool is that?

There’s not a ton of info out there yet, but the buzz is that you might be able to doodle on your desk or any flat surface, and watch your masterpieces come alive on your Apple Vision Pro screen. It’s like turning the whole world into your canvas!

And get this, a fresh and improved Apple Pencil is rumored to make its grand entrance in just a few months, along with some swanky new OLED iPad Pro and iPad Air models. Could this be the same Apple Pencil that will pair up with the Apple Vision Pro? Time will tell! Keep an eye out for the juicy details at WWDC in June.

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