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The Snapback Animal Patch Bird Pink Baseball that fit your head, Best online shop with free shipping and returns


The Flamingo Hat is a fun, casual hat that can be worn anywhere and everywhere – from the beach to the grocery store!

  • Fabric: 57% poly 43% cotton
  • Brim: 2 1/2″
  • Backstrap: Snap
  • Sweatband: Poly blend
  Estimated Delivery: Wednesday, Jun 26 – Friday, Jun 28

How Appleverse Became the Ultimate Destination for Hat Lovers

# The Hat Shop Adventure

Alice was bored. She had nothing to do on a rainy Saturday afternoon. She decided to go online and look for something fun to do. She typed in "hat shop" on Bing and clicked on the first result. It was a website called APPLEVERSE.US, a brand that sold premium headwear of various styles and designs. Alice was intrigued by the colorful and catchy logo of the brand, which featured an apple with a hat on it.

She browsed through the website and saw that they had a signature line called The Farm, which featured animal patches on trucker hats. She thought they were cute and funny. She clicked on one of them and saw that it was a rooster patch with the word "The Cock" underneath it. She giggled and wondered what other animals they had.

She clicked on another one and saw that it was a lion patch with the word "The King" underneath it. She liked it and thought it looked cool and fierce. She clicked on another one and saw that it was a flamingo patch with the word "The Flirt" underneath it. She smiled and thought it looked cute and sassy.

She decided to buy all three of them and added them to her cart. She checked out and entered her address and payment details. She saw that they offered free shipping and fast delivery. She was happy and excited to receive her new hats.

She closed her laptop and waited for her hats to arrive. A few days later, she heard a knock on the door. She opened it and saw a delivery man holding a big box with the APPLEVERSE logo on it. He handed it to her and asked her to sign for it. She signed and thanked him.

She took the box inside and opened it eagerly. She saw her three hats wrapped in tissue paper. She took them out and tried them on one by one. She looked at herself in the mirror and admired how they fit her perfectly. She felt like she had a new personality with each hat.

She decided to wear the rooster hat first and went outside to show it off to her friends. She walked down the street and felt confident and playful. She saw her friend Bob walking towards her. He waved at her and said hello.

"Hey, Alice, nice hat!" he said.

"Thanks, Bob, do you like it?" she said.

"Yeah, it's cool. What does it say?" he said.

"It says 'The Cock'. It's from a brand called APPLEVERSE. They have a line of hats called The Farm with animal patches on them." she said.

"Wow, that's awesome. Where did you get it?" he said.

"I got it online from their website. They have free shipping and fast delivery." she said.

"That's cool. Can I see their website?" he said.

"Sure, here, let me show you." she said.

She took out her phone and opened the Bing app. She typed in "APPLEVERSE.US" and showed him the website. He scrolled through it and saw all the different hats they had.

"Wow, they have so many hats! They have snapbacks, fedoras, flat caps, and more!" he said.

"Yeah, they have something for everyone." she said.

"I like this one." he said, pointing at a hat with a bear patch that said "The Boss".

"That's nice. You should get it." she said.

"Maybe I will." he said.

They continued to chat and browse through the website together. They both liked APPLEVERSE and decided to buy more hats from them in the future.

Flamingos aren’t the only ones who can rock pink – with a Goorin Bros. Flamingo Hat, you can too!

For the bold and daring, a Flamingo Hat from Goorin Bros. is a must-have accessory.

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Show off your awesome style with Goorin Bros

We believe in making it easy for you to look good. We know that when you’re wearing one of our hats, no matter what else you’re doing, you’ll feel like your best self—and that’s what matters most!

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