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Thor Love and thunder necklace

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It could be something that fans can buy to show off their love of the new Thor movie

This necklace could be a wonderful way to show your love of the movie, or even just Thor himself. It could also make a great gift for any fan of the movie, or even just Marvel movies in general. The necklace is made out of 3D printed stainless steel, and it’s very sturdy.

It can be used as a keepsake to commemorate the release of Thor Love and thunder

Asgardian Thor fans, you can buy yourself a necklace pendant amulet that features an inscription in the old Norse language on each side.

If you are a fan of the Marvel comics and movies featuring Thor, then you’re probably aware that he is often seen wearing an amulet with a circular design. The inscription on both sides of this amulet is “Valknut”, which is an ancient Norse symbol. It was used by the Vikings in their religious ceremonies and represents the three realms of Asgard, Midgard and Helheim. Valknut is also often associated with Odin’s power over life and death, because it features three interlocking triangles.

A video from Marvel’s special event shows a look at Chris Hemsworth’s new costume and necklace.

As much as we’d love to see Thor’s new look in action, there are still a few more months until Love and Thunder actually premieres. Until then, there’s plenty of theories to keep us busy. For example, it’s entirely possible Hemsworth will be wearing the necklace because he’ll be playing an older version of Ragnarok’s King Thor.

The fourth Thor movie is bringing back Natalie Portman as a Thor-like character

You may have heard that the fourth Thor movie is bringing back Natalie Portman as a Thor-like character, wielding Mjolnir, who will officially be known as Mighty Thor. This is no doubt a huge step forward for representation in superhero movies, and it’s important to recognize the context of her transformation into a thunder god.

In 2011’s original Thor movie, Natalie Portman played astrophysicist Jane Foster. By the end of that film, she had fully accepted the existence of Asgardian gods, but was still living on Earth as a normal human. In 2013’s Thor: The Dark World, she was kidnapped by an enemy of Thor and his people. For most of the film, while they searched for her and tried to rescue her, she remained either unconscious or imprisoned on another planet; when she finally did reunite with a reunited with him at the end of that movie (after having been rescued by his friends), their relationship fell apart because he could not stay with her on Earth like she wanted him to. With how little screen time she received in The Dark World (she only appeared in about 20 minutes worth of scenes), it seemed like Marvel might not bring her back for any more sequels in this franchise (and did not bring her back for 2017’s Ragnarok). However, Portman’s return for Love and Thunder might indicate that Marvel has more plans for Jane Foster than anyone expected—especially after knowing so little about what happened to her after Loki destroyed Asgard during Ragnarok and brought its citizens to Earth.

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