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Unlock Your Car with Your iPhone

Apple Car Key is a convenient feature that allows you to unlock, lock, and start your car using your iPhone or Apple Watch. Introduced with iOS 14 at WWDC 2020, Car Key acts as a digital version of your physical key fob, eliminating the need to carry an extra item in your pockets.

One of the benefits of Car Key is its use of the iPhone’s U1 chip, which provides precise spatial awareness. As you approach your car, it can automatically unlock the doors for you. It also ensures that your car will not start unless your iPhone is nearby, and prevents the risk of locking your iPhone inside the car.

Your car key is securely stored in the Secure Element and can be viewed in your Apple Wallet. If your iPhone is lost or stolen, you can remotely disable the car key using iCloud, ensuring that your car remains protected.

Sharing your car key is another useful feature of Car Key. If you need to lend your car to someone, you can easily share a copy of the key with them through AirDrop or apps like Messages, Mail, and WhatsApp. You also have the ability to revoke their access to the car key at any time.

Currently, Apple Car Key is compatible with a limited number of car models, primarily from five manufacturers. These include the BMW 1-8 Series, X5 and X6, X7, X5 M and X6 M, Z4, i4, iX, iX1, iX3, i3, i7, HAN, GV60, G90, Palisade, IONIQ 6, Telluride, Niro, and Seltos. However, the list is continuously expanding, so there may be more cars available with Car Key compatibility in the future.

With the convenience and security it offers, Apple Car Key is a valuable addition to the Apple ecosystem for those with compatible vehicles. Keep an eye out for updates on Car Key compatibility as more cars become compatible with this innovative feature.

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