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Here’s why you might happily pay more for the iPhone 15 Pro

The iPhone 14 Pro starts with 128GB of storage and some rumors claim that the iPhone 15 Pro will have more base storage. Additionally, it might also come in a 2TB variant. When asked for his thoughts about the storage leaks, Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman revealed that this move is connected to the alleged price increase.
The iPhone 14 Pro starts at $999 and the Pro Max at $1,099. Despite their high prices, these are one of the most popular phones of the year and according to various estimates, they outsold the comparatively more affordable standard and Plus models.

Gurman explains that shoppers pay $100 to $200 for the next storage tier but Apple spends a significantly lower amount on storage. By adding another storage tier, Apple could increase its revenue and bump up the average selling price without adding a lot to its expenses as the profit margins on storage are huge.

By increasing the base storage capacity, Apple could effortlessly justify a price increase and give consumers the impression that they are also getting more by paying more.
According to a recent report, in addition to 6GB, there will also be an 8GB RAM option for the iPhone 15 Pro, but it will likely be dependent on the storage capacity.  
The iPhone 15 Pro is likely to introduce a host of changes, such as titanium edges, thinner bezels, new camera lenses, a new 3nm chipset, and a periscope camera for the iPhone 15 Pro Max.
Even though these changes have been called mediocre by one leaker who also advised smartphone users to hold out until next year for the iPhone 16 series instead, it looks like millions of consumers are ready with their wallets to buy the most expensive model, the iPhone 15 Pro Max

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