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Join tens of thousands of creators, publishers and bloggers who are earning with the Appleverse Passive Income Program.


Create content and recommend products to your audience. We have customized linking tools for large publishers, individual bloggers and social media influencers.


Monetize your content. Earn up to 10% in associate commissions from qualifying purchases and programs.

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"I like to add things to my room that will make me look and feel better. I shop at Appleverse because I feel like it helps me put my best foot forward. I love the quality of the products, but what I really like is the level of attention to detail I receive from the staff. I also like that they have lots of extra goodies to help inspire creativity. The store was recently renovated and is even more inviting than it used to be. It's great to see them growing!"
Rachel Meaders
2.1M Followers | TikTok
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"You know I appreciate the support my followers have given me, so when I recommend a company, you all know it's because I believe in it. That's why Appleverse is my go-to shop: they've got everything you need, and they'll get it to you QUICKLY. Plus the prices are great, and they offer free shipping! It's almost like a one-stop-shop for everything you need."
Monet McMichael
1M Followers | TikTok

As a partner you get:

* Appleverse Partners program is by invitation only, and designed to support and building successful global partnerships.

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Membership Rewards

We believe that our supply chain should be a strategic advantage. That’s why we’ve created Membership Rewards —to help you beat inflation by getting premium products at unbeatable prices.



Exclusive Free Stuff for your audience. We believe it’s important to give away free products —it makes your audience feel valued, and it gives a little spark of joy in their day.

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Passive Income

We’re going to help you generate true passive income online. Earn up to 10% commission and get up to 60 days of attribution for every new customer you send our way.

We aren’t merely creating products. We’re creating something magical for the person who uses it

Here at Appleverse, we’re on a mission to create better products, products that not only have a significant positive impact on the Earth and Environment, but products that can drive change and improve lives of people around the World.

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Passive income is important because it creates stability, security, and freedom in your financial life. Additionally, since passive income is not limited by your time and effort, it can have a positive, and significant, effect on your ability to build wealth.

As a member of the Appleverse passive income program, you are a content creator who provides recommendations to inspire your audience via social media.

Bloggers, publishers and content creators with a qualifying website, mobile app or social media channels can participate in this program.

We accept applications from all types of influencers, provided you have a YouTube, Instagram, TikTok or Facebook account. When reviewing your application, we look at the number of followers you have in addition to other engagement metrics.

You can start earning commission when your followers make qualifying purchases via your affiliate links. The amount you earn is based on the products sold.

Appleverse Partners is a great way to start earning passive income online. Our dedicated affiliate managers walk you through every step of the cloud affiliate program. We will answer any questions you may have and give you access to expert guidance.

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