Apple-1 Ad Handwritten by Steve Jobs Sells for Over $175,000

Apple-1 Ad Handwritten by Steve Jobs Sells for Over $175,000

Apple-1 Ad Handwritten by Steve Jobs Sells for Over $175,000

Historic Artifact from Apple’s Early Days Fetches a Staggering Price

Apple enthusiasts and collectors alike were abuzz yesterday as a rare piece of technology history went under the hammer. An original Apple-1 advertisement, handwritten by none other than Steve Jobs himself, was sold for a staggering $175,000 at an auction in California.

Witnessing the Birth of an Iconic Brand

Steve Jobs, one of the pioneers of the digital revolution and the co-founder of Apple Inc., jotted down the original ad copy for the Apple-1 computer on a single sheet of paper back in the mid-1970s. The ad, which was handwritten with Jobs’ trademark calligraphy, played a crucial role in the launch of the Apple-1, the first-ever personal computer created by the company.

The ad emphasizes the machine’s unique features including a fully assembled circuit board – a rarity at that time – and was placed by Jobs himself in the Mountain View-based electronics store, Byte Shop. This ad became the catalyst for Apple’s initial success, eventually leading to the creation of one of the world’s most valuable and influential companies.

A Rare Find Surfaces in the Collectibles Market

Fast forward to the present day, where technology has come a long way since the Apple-1’s humble beginnings. The auction, which took place at RR Auction, attracted bids from around the globe, with collectors and Apple enthusiasts eager to get their hands on this rare piece of technology history.

The winning bidder, whose identity remains undisclosed, recognizes the significance of this artifact, which symbolizes the profound impact Steve Jobs and Apple have had on the world.

Why We Care:

  • This sale is a testament to the enduring influence of Steve Jobs and the early days of Apple Inc.
  • It reminds us of the tremendous strides technology has made since the introduction of the Apple-1.
  • Apple users can appreciate the rich history and innovative spirit that continue to drive the company forward today.

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