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Airtag Replacement Battery

AirTag uses a Lithium Panasonic CR2032. The Airtag Replacement Battery Coin Lithium CR2032 batteries is the most common battery coin providing long-lasting, reliable power for various devices. They are used to power small electronics devices such as calculators, wrist watches, various medical devices, fitness appliances, toys etc.

Do you have to charge your AirTag?

You do not have to charge an AirTag, but you will have to change its battery. Each AirTag relies on a circular Airtag Replacement Baterry Lithium Panasonic CR2032 battery, which you can buy for a few bucks.

How to charge airtag?

There is no need or way to charge an AirTag because Apple designed them with user replaceable Panasonic LithiumCR2032 batteries.

Apple airtag distance range

Each AirTag supports Bluetooth 5.0 (same as the latest iPhones), which means it should be trackable within 800 feet.

How to change the AirTag battery

  1. Turn the AirTag over so that the silver side is facing you
  2. Press down with your thumbs on opposite edges of the silver casing
  3. Keep pressing down and rotate counterclockwise
  4. When the silver top is loose, remove it
  5. Take out the battery that’s now exposed
  6. Insert a new CR2032 battery with the positive + sign up
  7. Replace the silver top cover
  8. Press down with your thumbs and rotate the cover clockwise

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