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5 best iPhone tips and tricks that will save you time and effort

iOS, Apple’s mobile operating system has undergone significant evolution since its initial release in 2007. It has continuously adapted to changing technologies, user expectations, and market demands. Over the years, iOS has seen various major updates, each bringing new features and improvements. If You want to cut down on the amount of time you spend performing certain actions on your iPhone, then the solution is hidden in its operating system. Below are some hidden gems, tips, and techniques to make the most out of iOS and your iPhone, propelling you towards becoming an iOS expert.

Capture Lengthy Web Pages in Screenshots:

When taking a screenshot on your iPhone, a thumbnail appears for annotation. Tapping it enlarges the screenshot. Within Safari, if a webpage exceeds the screen’s size, a “Full page” tab appears at the top. By selecting it, a slider emerges on the right, displaying the entire page, even if not all was initially visible. Crop it, save it as a PDF, copy it, or delete it as per your needs.

Digitally Sign Documents:

Scanners and printers aren’t always accessible, but Apple provides an easy digital signing solution. Screenshot the document, tap the thumbnail, and click the Plus sign at the bottom-right. Choose Signature, sign directly on the screen or use a stored signature. Done signing? Drag the signature to the screenshot of the document, adjust its placement and size, and save it for sending.

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Broadcast Your Screen:

The Screen Recording button in Control Center offers more than just screen recording. You can pick an app to save the recording, like Photos, or directly broadcast it. Various apps support broadcasting, including social platforms like Facebook Messenger, video-meeting tools such as Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, and sharing services like TikTok and Twitch.

Unlock the Hidden Trackpad:

The virtual keyboard has a concealed trackpad feature. Long-press the space bar, and the keyboard transforms into a trackpad, facilitating swift cursor movement through your typed text.

Disable In-App Ratings & Review Prompts:

App downloads often come with pesky “rate this app” notifications that disrupt your flow. Thankfully, you can disable them. Head to Settings, go to App Store, and toggle off the switch next to In-App Ratings & Reviews. This will help you focus on your tasks without interruptions

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